Michigan helicopter tours, pilot training & discovery flights.

Our mission is to share the passion of flight with the world. Experience aviation in a new way with MI Flight.

Helicopter Tours

Our helicopter sightseeing tours provide you with a unique bird’s eye view of Michigan and the surrounding area in comfort and style.

Pilot Training

We were dreamers once too! Stop dreaming and start flying today with our world-class pilot training school. Set your own pace!

Discovery Flights

What’s the best way to experience the life of a helicopter pilot? Getting in the right seat and trying it for yourself! That’s right, you get to be our pilot!

Helicopter Tours

Are you ready to cross something off your bucket list? Whether you’ve been on a helicopter before or it is something you have always dreamed of doing, MI Flight Aviation offers a variety of tour options in both West Michigan and the Metro-Detroit area that will be sure to amaze you! Get an entirely new perspective on life by soaring through the sky in our meticulously maintained aircraft.  Our tours range from $40 – $200 per person in select locations. See which tour would be perfect for you!

Detroit Pilot Training School

Are you thinking about working towards your pilot’s license?  Our dream is to share our passion for flight with the world, and this includes providing future pilots with the best training and resources to become confident in their abilities and knowledge.  With safety as our number one priority, we promise to provide a fun and safe environment for every student to develop their skills, providing our students with the best experience possible.

Pilot training starting at $350 per hour.

Discovery Flights

Are you thinking about getting your pilots license but not sure if it’s for you?  We have the perfect solution!  At MI Flight Aviation we offer a special service that we call a Discovery Flight.  What this includes is 30-minutes of ground school with one of our certified flight instructors where they will explain the basics of flying.  Upon answering all of your questions, you will go for a flight over Metro-Detroit and while you are up there, you will receive pilot controls.  YES, that’s right YOU get to experience what it is like to fly the helicopter.  Get a little taste of the pilot life to see if it’s for you – we can almost guarantee you will be hooked!

Frequently Asked Questions
What time is my flight?

If you have booked a specific time, we suggest arriving about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled flight, HOWEVER if there was no option for a specific time this means you have an open booking. Open bookings are your ticket to the flight you selected any time during our hours of operation. This keeps your times flexible and allows us to better cater to everyone’s needs.

What time should I arrive?

If you have booked a specific time, we suggest arriving about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled flight.

How old do kids have to be?

We have no age requirements, we only require that children 24 months and under to be placed in a parents lap and children 24 months and older have their own seat.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, this is something we take very seriously for safety purposes. Our seat limit is 300lbs. There is no exception to this rule. An on-site scale is used to privately weight passengers before your flight.

Is it loud?

While the cabin noise of a helicopter is tolerable during flight, we offer free earplugs to those who would like hearing protection. Due to Covid, headsets are no longer offered at this time.

Can I take photos?

Photos are encouraged!  You will get an entirely new view of the world on your tour.  Be sure to tag us if you share them on social media, we love seeing your photos!

What should I wear?

You are able to wear whatever you are most comfortable in. The helicopters have heat and A/C, allowing the temperature to be comfortable no matter what season it is.

How many people can fit in the helicopter?

For tours, we are able to take up 3 riders at a time. We kindly ask that there are at least two individuals in the helicopter for a tour. If you are a single rider, we should be able to accommodate you by pairing you with a group of two.

What is your cancellation policy?
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 23 hour or less before the event
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 0% if booking is cancelled 14 days or less before the event
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