Discovery Flight

What’s the best way to experience the life of a helicopter pilot?
Getting in the right seat and trying it for yourself!

See firsthand what the Aviation World is all about. That’s right, you will get a chance to be the pilot!

The Discovery Flight will being with about 30 minutes of ground school before you embark on a 25-minute flight where you will receive pilot controls and be able to fly the helicopter.

A Discovery Flight is the perfect way of getting your feet wet in the Aviation World. This is a great way to decide if being a pilot is right for you. We promise you’ll love it.


Your Flight Path

Departing from Oakland Troy Airport, you’ll fly over Downtown Detroit and get a “hands on” experience by taking over the controls while flying along US/Canada border. Then you’ll head back to Troy and make an approach to the field and finish the flight with a hovering exercise.


Safety First

During the entire Discovery Flight, you will have an experienced, licensed pilot with you at all times to supervise your experience and keep you safe. Additionally, your pilot can answer any questions about flight training, getting your pilot’s license, or the flight academy – after all, they have been in your shoes too.

Pricing & Equipment


Robinson R22

25 Minute Flight
30 Minute Ground Instruction
Max Seat Weight: 240lbs


Robinson R44

25 Minute Flight
30 Minute Ground Instruction
Max Seat Weight: 300lbs

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