Pilot Training

Regardless of your aviation goals, our helicopter flight school has the pilot training courses and lessons you need to achieve them. Whether you are a new student looking to get your Private Pilot’s License or an experienced pilot seeking to expand your skills – MI Flight is the place for you.

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Your Private Pilot Certificate is the first step toward building the skills needed for your Commercial Pilot Certificate.  This training will allow you fly helicopters for fun – giving rides to friends and family or flying for your own transport.

The Instrument Rating will give you the tools and knowledge you need for a safe career as a professional pilot. This allows pilots fly under instrument condition, making a pilot more employable due to the increased knowledge and safety of this rating.

Upon completion of this course you will be eligible for your first commercial job. This course expands on private pilot training and introduces more advanced maneuvers and skills.

This course allows you to become a Certified Flight Instructor – the first likely step in your pilot career. As a CFI you will be able to instruct and train others on their journey to becoming a pilot.

This course builds on your Certified Flight Instructor Rating by allowing you to teach instrument flight in helicopters. Many pilots’ first job is a certified flight instructor, this Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Rating provides you with additional instruction opportunities. .

Not sure if you’re ready to spend your time and money on pilot training? No problem! At MI Flight Aviation we offer discovery/introductory flights where YOU get to be OUR pilot with guidance from one of our certified flight instructors.

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